Mille et une plantes

Mille et une plante - botanique en Vaucluse

Mille et une plantes

Découvrez les secrets de la nature

Guided Ethnobotical Walks

Your guide

Passionate and curious about the history of plants, she began to learn botany and on her own, she decided to expand her knowledge on ethnobotany. Holder of a national guide speaker card and after 26 years of job experience in tourism, she has decided to link passion and job.

If you are not enough to form a group, you can learn interesting uses thanks to the NFC digital path. You can either discover it from your sofa or on the spot, in Provence, in Venasque.

About the tour

Balades botaniques en groupe

It is a small walk, just one or two kilometres, not more. once you learned about the plant, it is time to discover its legends, traditions, beliefs and different usages from ancient time through the present and future time. 

You will also discover how artists identified important features about the plants that will be scientifically confirmed later on.

You will learn how people used to heal themselves with plants, how we use plants now and how they may use them in the future: a way to understand that plants and humans have always been linked.

You will find answers to questions like why aromatic plants have these strong smells and how useful it is for them before it is for humans, the rule of the flowers ‘colours, why some plants have hairs and others none, how plants adapt to the climate change, how plants and trees are able to work together in order to be more efficient, how imaginative can the plants be to survive and reproduce, why the truffles make a witches circle when they grow….

According to the means of transport used

For Groups with cars

• The secret of the shrubland in Venasque
• Scents of Mediterranean plants in Venasque
• The secrets of the plants around the Solence organic wine estate in Carpentras

(Groups from 6 to 15 people)
• Apothicaries’ plants in Venasque

If you need a car with a chauffeur, you will find contacts in the partners section.

For groups in Buses, from 6 to 30 people

• The secret of the shrubland in Lagnes
• Scents of Mediterranean plants in Caumont sur Durance
• Mediterranean plants in the village of Le Beaucet, Mazan, Blauvac, Lagnes, Méthamis
• Apothicaries’plants in other places (Groups from 6 to 30 people)
• The story of the typical Plants of Provence in the villages or towns in Vaucluse like Venasque, Gordes, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Pernes les Fontaines, Lagnes
• The useful plants in the Beuregard arboretum, in Jonquières or in Le Beaucet, or Venasque.

Please note that if your group has more than 30 people, We can divide the group in two groups and ask to a classical guide to speak about the town where your are. The groups will then switch guides. You will find my colleagues’ contacts in the partners section.


Private tours
1 to 5 people on appointment

2 hours of visit : 150 €

transport, meals, accomodation are not included

6 to 30 people on appointment

2 hours of visit : 300 €

transport, meals, accomodation are not included

Lecture in English with slideshow about "the secrets of the Mediterranean plants"

350 €

The number of people depends on the room capacity and the regulation at the time of the lecture

transport, meals, accomodation are not included

Stipa pennata immortelles dans le luberon

Ethnobotanical NFC digital path​ of Peregrine in Venasque

ethnobotanical NFC digital path peregrine venasque